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Image postThis program has really caught my attention. Many of the things that makes the program different from existing programs on the market. On this occasion I would like to post an article from Karlo, the admin of this program. This paper I put in the Admin Corner, as this article contains the opinions of Karlo without accompanied by other analysis

Let's begin with what you already know

NoBox is selling revenue packs. One revenue pack equals $1, and a minimum of 5 revenue packs need to be purchased at a time. Each revenue pack is originating revenue to it's owner. If you own just revenue packs, you need to watch daily ads, using our watch-ads Rotator. Revenue-Pack owners are required to watch 3 Premium and 10 Surf Ads each day, to qualify for next days revenue. The Revenue is usually 2% if sufficient cash is in the security holdback account. Each Friday is adjustment day, where you can earn anywhere between 0-8%. The revenue return is based on our weekly performance.

If you are not member join here 

Revenue Pack owners without any Membership obtaining a lower ROI as membership holders on Adjustment Friday. Besides revenue-packs without the bundle of memberships receiving fewer credits during surf, and it's owner is allowed to advertise only one page in the Surf Rotator.

The revenue pack expires once members receive 180% ROI, in other words once they received a total profit of 80% as the principal is included in the 180% total revenue return. Membership holders, regardless if they have a surf or none surf pack receive 250% of revenue, what comes to a whopping 150% pure profit.

On each Adjustment Fridays members receiving a higher return as none membership holders, further they be given more credits and are permitted to promote more websites. Members also need to watch just 3 Premium Ads, and 5 Regular Surf Ads to obtain the daily revenue. Of course, holders of the NoSurf Pack are not required to watch any ads.

In other words, upgrading to any of the two Memberships, pays it self! Additionally the Monthly Memberships are generating revenue to the security holdback. Now what you might not realized until now, and what separates NoBox to any other investment page on the internet, is how the extension/exit strategy alters the way NoBox operates.

At the moment, the revenue packs rewarding each Member with 180/250% depending on your membership level. Revenues are generated from different sources, like ads, banners, membership sells etc. A team-builder and monitoring page are joining the NoBox environment soon. This generates extra revenue to the security holdback.

There is more!

The NoBox Script will soon receiving a Banner Auction! On the Banner Auction Members and Advertisers alike can secure some Banner Spots. Each day the highest bid, will receive the Banner position. Each bid need to be at least 10% higher as the previous bid. The Auction will be offered for up to 30 days in advanced. Of course, the action always closes one day in advanced, 11:59 PM server time. Each Bid is subtracted immediately from your wallet balance. If you lose the bid, you will receive 101% of the amount you bid back on the upcoming Adjustment Friday. In other words, even you not receive the banner spot, you have earned money.

In addition an auction/knockout module, will be published on the right hand side of the members area. Six Banners (fixed) will be published at a time. The banners are published as long no one knocks them out! A knockout is done when someone pays a larger amount as the Top Banner Spot published. At this time, the lowest published Banner get kicked out, and each banner will be published on one lower position.

Additionally features will be build in over time. With steady growing features, the NoBox system will receive greater cash-flow, and the security-holdback increases. Now you know a few features coming your way, and trust me, there are numerous more approaching the NoBox direction. With more traffic and more features, prices of advertising spots will increase. However, at the same time, and this is when the exit strategy kicks in, revenue packs will be decreased. No, you will not obtain less, but over time, NoBox will offer different packs. Same daily return, lesser total ROI. Not for existing packs, but future sold packs. That is by no means of any concern now as we are far from the exit strategy, but I want you to understand NoBox is unlike any other revenue share program or traffic exchange program on the internet.

Besides NoBox will introduce special discount Memberships, what can be replacing your existing memberships, once introduced. Well don't get this the wrong way, I will over you some kind of lifetime Membership, what could (you can chose to keep your existing membership) replace your monthly payments. This lifetime Memberships has benefits like discounts on the exchange or any other future addition to the script. Again, I want you to know what comes your direction, this won't happen anytime soon.

I am certain an extension and exit strategy is necessary to make any online business work. Remember one day, we will turn from revenue share packs to a fully operating business without investments. Again, something in the far, far future. However, NoBox is going a direction no online business has gone before.

Let us all make money in the progress.
Posted in: | Wednesday, April 03, 2013
Admin of RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome program
The collapse of Profitable Sunrise and several other excellent hyip programs greatly impact the market. When the IsmRican program announced the temporary suspension of payment, the majority of investors were disappointed. A future of  IsmRican Program began bustling discussed by many investors.

I think it is very important for the moment is to obtain balanced information on this subject. I hope you've read the latest notification from Russell, one of the  IsmRican Program admin, if not I will present briefly as below. There are 6 important points about RicanAdFunds and IsmAdsIncome :
  1. IsmAI and RAF are both expected to be back online on the 15th of April 
  2. All members are required to submit a Gov't ID and a proof of address
  3. All members need to sign up at ISM Magic in order to be able to upload your scanned documents
  4. All existing support tickets are cancelled. If you have an unresolved support ticket, excluding pending withdrawals, please apply to join the following group on ismMagic.
  5. Referral commission rates will be decreased
  6. All future referral commissions must be used to purchase ad units or be withdrawn to the e-wallet and used to purchase ad units or services in ismRican programs.
An explanation of the points above can be read here, hopefully the problem to be resolved soon and  always remember that you should never put your eggs in one basket.

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Image postConsidering the variety of opinions from various sources is another way that i did to research a program and so far very useful for me as a hyip player. How about you? Yes, I think we have different ways of doing the research. Today, i'm going to post some expert opinions about Eagleinvestment program. I have joined this program a few days ago and has been active with an investment of  $ 100, then Hendrik, one of my team will manage the investment here.
I have added the program as a program that i recommend to all of hyip investors, but i suggest you to join and active before the twentieth day of the life of the program. There are some opinions that develop in the market that you should consider before deciding to join, such as below :
Admin of said :
"Eagles Investment is one of the more promising HYIPs among the new HYIPs of the last 30 days. It could definitely last for a while and should be a profitable pick at least for early investors. As it is a long term HYIP there is still some time left for you to make a decision and watch the performance of this program for a while. If your portfolio is mainly consisting of long term high return HYIPs and mid term HYIPs, like in my case, Eagles Investment might be worth a closer look. I wish you luck with this one!."

Admin of said :
"Anyway, there’s a few things to catch up on so let’s get started with a new long term program recently added to the MNO monitor’s Premium Listing called EaglesInvestment. It’s not a bad looking program and hopefully, looking to be quite well organized as it is, might turn out to be a popular and successful pick. Regarding the alleged business plan backing it all up, EaglesInvestment are supposedly involved with ForEx trading. OK, nothing we haven’t heard a million times in the HYIP industry, but to their credit they have put together a highly organized and professional looking website with quite an extensive list of articles and reading material. And what’s more, it looks to be unique and original too, so you could spend quite some time going through all that. There’s some interesting reading in there if you like that sort of thing, though exactly how much of it you wish to believe is entirely up to you because at the end of the day the actual mechanics of EaglesInvestment work just like any other HYIP – you hand your money over to a random stranger on the internet and hope for the best. So with that in mind you should know how to behave sensibly, which means knowing what a safe spending limit that you can afford to lose is, and staying comfortably within it. That, and if joining EaglesInvestment at all then try and use them as a smaller part of a wider more diverse portfolio."

Admin of said :
"EaglesInvestment is another great looking website with a lot of customization done, which translates to huge funding from the admin’s own pocket. Nonetheless, out of pocket cost for the admin is considered nominal in comparison to the cash flow that goes in after the program strikes a chord with the investors. The site itself is utilizing a beautifully customized design with a customized, licensed GoldCoders’ script."

Admin of said :
"The next project that I am wanna introduce to you all today is Eagles Investment, a brand-new long term HYIP looks very good and in my thought, it has a potential to become a profitable hyip program in the current market after many giants that offered the same type of investment has closed down in the last few months!"

The increasing of a popularity of this program, also attracted the attention of some forum discussions to open a specific discussion about this program. In this case i suggest you to join their conversation here

Posted in: | Saturday, March 30, 2013
post imageThe latest news from Adam, admin of the oilofasia program, he said that his STP account has been suspended by the Solidtrustpay team. He also said that he had replaced their payment instrument with egopay although I see no changes to anything in the investment deposit option. This is realy a bad news and so far I have not confirm of the truth of Adam's statement to the official of solidTrustPay.

For more detail on this issue, please read the official notification of oilofasia program as below :

Dear members,
Unfortunately SolidTrustPay continue their dirty tricks and we can do nothing in this situation. After they unlocked our account they still tried to do everything to steal our account balance. First they limited our account to $999 per transaction but now they decided to suspend our account completely just because of one blackmailer complaint. We have been hard at work negotiating and disputing the funds we had on our account providing all necessary documentation, however all our efforts to get this sorted have been unsuccessful. SolidTrustPay officials have ceased communication with us after we have provided all necessary papers and never got back to our tickets while phone support put us on hold and never got back to us either. We are really disappointed that SolidTrustPay is such a cheap scam so there is no way that we continue working with them. Those members who processed their deposits using SolidTrustPay please go to their Help section, create support ticket with title
Oil of Asia Ltd refund, copy of this ticket should be sent to and they will refund your initial deposit. We strongly recommend to withdraw or exchange funds from this fraud payment processor, especially if you have big amounts at your account balance because they can steal your money at any time. From now no more deposits or withdrawals will be processed via Solid Trust Pay. SolidTrustPay is now replaced with EgoPay. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Yours, Adam
Posted in: | Thursday, March 28, 2013
Post ImageFor a while, you may notice that the malaysian-inc program has ranked first in allmonitors most popular program. Today the program was removed from the list. Based on information from the admin program, this is caused by a DDoS attack that caused their site offline may be more than 24 hours. This is a bad sign in hyip, although I wish they were back to normal. Below is the latest info from them:
Dear investor, Jane Intan!

Our website was unavailable for more than 24 hours and we could not use our server to contact you because exact same as you do not have access to the
website admin area.
The reason for this problem is that our server was ordered by our competitors are very strong DDoS attack.
We have updated the level of DDoS protection to the maximum level and now any attack for your investment is not threatened.
But for this update, we had to change our DNS server and our website will not be available right away, need to wait until updated the DNS record of
your ISP provider.
We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused, and compensate their increased percentage from Thursday to Saturday of this week.
Please do not ignore our Twitter page with the latest news:

Thank you for your patience!
Malaysian Investment Company support

Posted in: | Wednesday, March 27, 2013