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STP Account of Oilofasia Program Has Been Suspended 0 Comments

By Lapak Dolar
Thursday, March 28, 2013 | Posted in

post imageThe latest news from Adam, admin of the oilofasia program, he said that his STP account has been suspended by the Solidtrustpay team. He also said that he had replaced their payment instrument with egopay although I see no changes to anything in the investment deposit option. This is realy a bad news and so far I have not confirm of the truth of Adam's statement to the official of solidTrustPay.

For more detail on this issue, please read the official notification of oilofasia program as below :

Dear members,
Unfortunately SolidTrustPay continue their dirty tricks and we can do nothing in this situation. After they unlocked our account they still tried to do everything to steal our account balance. First they limited our account to $999 per transaction but now they decided to suspend our account completely just because of one blackmailer complaint. We have been hard at work negotiating and disputing the funds we had on our account providing all necessary documentation, however all our efforts to get this sorted have been unsuccessful. SolidTrustPay officials have ceased communication with us after we have provided all necessary papers and never got back to our tickets while phone support put us on hold and never got back to us either. We are really disappointed that SolidTrustPay is such a cheap scam so there is no way that we continue working with them. Those members who processed their deposits using SolidTrustPay please go to their Help section, create support ticket with title
Oil of Asia Ltd refund, copy of this ticket should be sent to and they will refund your initial deposit. We strongly recommend to withdraw or exchange funds from this fraud payment processor, especially if you have big amounts at your account balance because they can steal your money at any time. From now no more deposits or withdrawals will be processed via Solid Trust Pay. SolidTrustPay is now replaced with EgoPay. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Yours, Adam

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