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A Recent Report Regarding Profitablesunrise 0 Comments

By Lapak Dolar
Sunday, March 17, 2013 | Posted in

post imageThis report is a summary of the problem faced by the Profitable Sunrise program. Starting from the issuance of cease and desist order by the Securities Division of the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State on February 27, 2013 which subsequently was taken up by Roman Novak, the founder of Profitable Sunrise. Then the issue is growing at a similar warning published by several agencies, such as the Alabama Securities Commission
Not only in the United States, a similar warning was also issued by the Britain's Financial Services Authority (FSA) a few days later. Diverse responses of internal Profitable Sunrise, as some of the top promoters and Roman Novak himself, seemingly unable to relieve these issues.
As of March 15, 2013 I had recorded at least 24 agencies have issued a similar warnings or cease and desist orders for Profitable Sunrise, such as Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota, California, Indiana, New Mexico, Texas, Delaware, North Dakota , South Dakota, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alaska, Maryland, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, New Zealand, and United Kingdom.
In connection with this issue, James L.Paris, author of the best-seller How to Pray for a Financial Miracle, has reported interesting investigation of this case as it has been published in and "We are continuously updating this story and those updates Appear in chronological order (most recent first). The worldwide scam targeted Christians offering a daily interest rate of 1.5% to 2.1%, and the amount of money INVOLVED is estimated to be more than $ 100 million "James said.
Both of these blogs, explained the chronology of events since the case was revealed and then crowded discussed by many people. The report not only based on a statement from the agency, but also includes responses from several sources.

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