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Hyip and Magic 0 Comments

By Lapak Dolar
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 | Posted in ,

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This time i will discuss about hyip in the perspective of a show we usualy watch with the family, MAGIC. Magic uses a variety of tricks to fool the eye of the audience. A thing that seem impossible become very possible in the hands of the magician. They forced the audience to see their attraction from one side only and ignoring the other side of it is a reality. Without realizing it, the audience deceived by a tricks of a magician and even very entertained, so they invite other family members to watch the next performances.

This is what is done by the owner / admin of hyip. They deceive an investors with a very tempting offer, and often promising benefits beyond reasonable limits. The admin is like a professional magician with amazing tricks continue to market their program packages. Are we able to gain a profit in HYIP? a very interesting question and i answered yes it is possible, is it possible to lose money in HYIP? and my answer is definitely.

In a magic show, it must involve various stakeholders, such as supporting artists, marketing team, promotion team and others. In the same context is also needed in HYIP business. Hyip admins also need a variety of support to succeed their projects, ranging from the basics such as investment plans, the rules of the game, a good script, even external support such as a monitor, paid promoter and and many other things.

Cases of fraud under the guise of a real business happens repeatedly throughout the day with a more intense mode. Obviously we do not want to be one of the victims of the game played by a hyip "magician-juggler". For those of you who believe that hyip be beneficial, it is highly recommended in order to further refine a power analysis of this investment model. It's an appropriate measure, if you prepare a special note containing a summary of the program has ever had, and then learn from all aspects, to understand the causes of success and failure of a program, then at the right time you can invest in a program with the money if you lose does not significantly affect your financial situation.

Therefore, Get used to think logically on the simple concept of a business, by understanding the business risks as well as to prepare the way of control. Remember, in principle, there is no any business that is free from the risk, be smart.

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